Raindrop story

Once upon a time, in the vibrant world of clothing design, two sisters embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary. Meet the masterminds behind Raindrop, a brand that redefines rainy days with their handcrafted waterproof colorful raincoats.

The story begins with Kristiāna, the older sister, whose passion for clothing design bloomed at the tender age of 14. With a keen eye for detail and an artistic spirit, she tirelessly sewed and brought her unique designs to life. Meanwhile the younger sister, shared the same dream of creating a raincoat brand that would fulfill their ultimate checklist: colorful, waterproof, and above all, of impeccable quality. But they aspired for more—they yearned to create a brand that celebrated and embraced women of all sizes.

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Our Values

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To be one of the leading clothing brands in Europe that empowers women to embrace their individuality, defy rainy days with style, and promote inclusiveness through handcrafted, high-quality, and uniquely tailored rainwear.